Started in 2005 out of the Seattle bluegrass jam scene, Dysfunction Junction is some of Seattle's finest bluegrass musicians coming together with the sole intent of having a good time while creating fantastic music.

Upcoming Shows:

Sat Feb 1st Rainshadow Running 50k @ Orcas Island (private event)

Tues Mar 17th - St. Pat's at Kate's Pub in Wallingford

Sat/Sun Apr 18th & 19th Rainshadow Running 25k/50k @ Yakima Skyline (private event)

Fri May 8th - 7-9pm Mainstage at Crossroads Mall in Bellevue FREE EVENT

Sat Jul 4th - 4-6pm Aegis @ Rodgers Park(private event)

Sat Sep 12th - 4-9pm Smith/Winninghoff wedding on Lopez Island (private event

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