Started in 2005 out of the Seattle bluegrass jam scene, Dysfunction Junction is some of Seattle's finest bluegrass musicians coming together with the sole intent of having a good time while creating fantastic music.

Upcoming Shows:

Sat/Sun Apr 20/21 - Yakima Skyline 25/50k Rainshadow Running

Fri Apr 26th 2:45-5pm Aegis @ Rogers Park (private event)

Mon Apr 29th 3-4pm Ida Culver House Broadview (private event)

Wed Jun 19th 3-6pm Swedish Hospital employee summer party @ Gasworks Parkl (private event)

Sat Jun 22nd 4-7pm Garrison/Kindschuh Wedding @ Tenino Grange Hall (private event)

Sat Aug 24th 5-7pm Janof/Knight Wedding @ Magnolia (private event)

Sat Oct 12th - 5-9pm Parvin/Butler Wedding @ Golden Gardens (private event)

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